What is isolation?

Loneliness, solitude, isolation

1 in 4 Americans feels that they do not have anyone to confide in. This overwhelming sense of being alone is called isolation.
Across all age groups and demographics, isolation can have staggering health and psychological effects such as an increased risk of:

  • depression
  • addictions
  • heart disease
  • immune system disorders
  • death


Loneliness is often triggered by life events:

  • Loss of a spouse from either death or divorce
  • Moving, relocating or retiring
  • Aging or a physical disability
  • Youth transitions from middle school to high school and high school to college
  • Changes in the family such as a death, birth, adoption, infertility or becoming a caregiver

If you know someone who may be feeling isolated and alone, catch up over coffee. Grab lunch. Share stories. Be there. If you need help, call 211 to find community services near you.

Find more ideas about how you can help end isolation by reading the Stories and Pledges page.

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