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The Campaign to End Isolation

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Read about the Women's Fund first ever social movement campaign.

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you try to judge their journey.” For some of us, isolation can be a confusing topic…especially if we’ve never experienced it ourselves. The Campaign to End Isolation has taken the Women’s Fund to a whole new level of understanding of what loneliness can do to a person and has reinforced our efforts to end it.

The first day of the campaign proved to be one of the most memorable. Stationed at the Starbucks on Murdock, the isolation booth received an unbelievable outpour of support. Women held their hands up to booth, mouthing the words “you’re not alone,” while others wrote notes of encouragement, like “You Rock!” It was clear that the message to end isolation had begun to spread, even within the first few hours.

But our stories don’t end there! We’ve had men, women and children of all ages contribute to this campaign. In August, we were located at Merrill Middle School for their registration day. In less than four hours, we had received over 120 pledges to end isolation! Parents and children alike were making promises to “stop bullying” and “be kind to the new kids.” With each new pledge we get closer to ending isolation. We’ve put forth over 1,000 community hours towards promoting our campaign. This includes presenting to groups such as the local Rotary clubs, being at events like the Mayor’s Breakfast and Live at Lunch, and positioning the isolation booth in more than 20 different locations multiple times. The Campaign to End Isolation has also been featured twice in The Scene, on the cover of the Oshkosh Northwestern, and in the Oshkosh Life Magazine and Women Magazine. 

After the Campaign, we moved on to the JAM. What is a JAM? Think of a jam where musicians gather, each bringing his or her unique talents. Without planning or preconceived notions, they build off one another's talents to create a musical harmony no one individual could accomplish alone.

Now, imagine you're the musician. You'll bring your thoughts and experience as your instrument. At this JAM, we worked together to form ideas on how to end isolation. Those ideas turned into concepts and from concepts into real social change. We had tons of new ideas on how to end isolation in our community! Here are just a few of the ones that we decided to take back to the office and build upon:

1.Volunteer Center—connecting volunteers to volunteer opportunities in our community

2.Senior Connects—high school students teaching the older generation about technology (click here to learn more)

3.Parents of Addicts—educating parents on the signs of addiction in order to prevent drug abuse

4.Home Maintenance—connecting elders with “handy-people” that can perform simple home maintenance tasks


If you would like to get involved with the Women's Fund, or have questions about the Campaign to End Isolation, please contact Karlene Grabner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (920)426-3993.













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The Women's Fund Campaign to End Isolation was featured on WBAY News at Noon on Monday, November 4 2013. If you missed it, watch the video here! WBAY News at Noon



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A big thanks to NBC26 for helping to spread the word about The Campaign to End Isolation! Click on our link to see Deandra Corinthios interview Kelly Laux about our isolation booth. NBC26 Interview

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