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HelaineFundWhen Helaine Lasky gets shivers, she calls them angel hugs.  She believes that good deeds are surrounded by positive energy.  A delightfully-spiritual person, she views charitable giving through a universal lens.

“Money to me is energy and by giving it to others from my heart completes me as I then receive the energy back,” Lasky said.  “It’s a connection of love.”

Lasky created The Helaine Fund to support those connections.  Each year, she recommends grants from the fund to benefit programs that help women and children.  Among the recipients: Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services, the Oshkosh Area School District’s Teen Parent Program and Labor of Love, a shelter for pregnant women in need.

Sharon Evans and her son Duncan, 5, know the benefits of this generosity.  After Sharon gave birth to Duncan, she stayed with him at Labor of Love.  Without the shelter, Sharon said she doesn’t know where she would’ve lived or how she could’ve survived. 

“I don’t know where I would’ve been living,” Evans said of her near-homeless status five years ago.  “But, I got a new start, with people who are caring.  It was like a new family.”

Their caring worked.  Five years later, Sharon and Duncan live on their own.  Sharon acknowledges that they have a few challenged.  But, she also recognizes how far they’ve come.  She maintains a full-time job.  Duncan, who was born prematurely, is a fireball of energy.  He just started Kindergarten. 

They are just one of Labor of Love’s success stories.  But their story—and many others—are what inspire Helaine Lasky to continue her charitable giving.

“My feeling here is one of allowing people without choices to have choices,” she said.

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